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America is Moving Forward Sustainably

by Tatiana Orr

The United States is finally entering the environmental chat in a positive way. The Biden administration has made it clear that they are at least trying to fulfill their promise of leading the country into a new era of sustainability through policies and structural changes to attempt to make up for lost time. Politics in America has been as turbulent as the weather in recent years, with the Trump administration’s inability to effectively participate in global efforts to reverse the effects of climate change. However, since Joe Biden officially came into office he and other members of Congress have been showing that there just might be a rainbow in the midst of a storm. 

While it will take massive support financially, with estimates that add up to 90 billion dollars over the course of a decade or so, it is not impossible for America to start shifting gears. Just after the inauguration Biden entered the U.S back into the Paris Agreement and signed an executive order for all government agencies to review and correct any actions that are not in line with new climate policies. Trump’s executive orders that promoted offshore drilling, supported fossil fuel development, and lowered requirements to reduce gas emissions among other infractions were revoked which allows us to have a cleaner slate to start from that before. 

Moving forward with plans to reach 100% renewable energy in the power sector by 2035 means that the world we see today could look undeniably different in the best way. Switching from electric and gas sources of energy to wind and solar would mean we could possibly reduce unnatural carbon emissions to 0%. To put it simply, clean energy means cleaner air and water which is the source of life. It could create millions of jobs and ultimately help other industries that intersect in trying to make the world run in a way that is sustainable for all of our ecosystems. 

America is going to have to work harder than ever to be considered a leader in combating global climate change, but it presents so much hope if we can find ways to ensure the right issues are prioritized. Addressing the problems with the U.S infrastructure will also help shed light on environmental racism and how we can actively press for these agendas to benefit the communities that need it the most just as soon as the neighborhoods that already reap the benefits of having money invested into their community programs and businesses. Economically, politically, and socially we are overdue for a green revolution.

The industrialization of our nations was once a far fetched idea, so it is understandable if it sounds crazy to say we can turn back the clock and find a way to use technology and nature in a way that adds to the quality of our lives rather than depleting the source of it, but we can. There are many layers to the conversation and one thing is for sure, it will take all of us to be on board in one way or another to make it happen. We cannot say for certain what might happen in the years to come, but these are steps in the right direction. One small step for climate change, one large step for mankind or whatever Neil Armstrong said. 

Sources: AP News


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Tatiana is a Los Angeles based writer with a background in Fashion. She obtained her B.A in English: Creative Writing and a minor in Journalism with an emphasis on Public Relations. Working by day as a Brand Strategist and writer by night her first book, My Amerikkka, was self-published in 2016. While she carves out her future as an author, she contributes articles in her spare time and is in the process of creating an eco-centered brand. Her interest in sustainability started in childhood and developed into a lifelong commitment. Her ultimate goal is to highlight her blended background with projects that promote ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion and literary landscapes.

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