Jenna St. George's Absorbing Lens in Nature

by Kaile Teramoto

Jenna St.George currently resides in Mendocino, California where the bulk of her work is created. Finding the intimate details of nature, her work embodies sensations (seeing and feeling) and the undeniable power in the alchemical bond of human and Earth. We asked Jenna what nature means to her and this is what she said:


for me, nature is care in the form of beauty

it is a question and an answer combined,
how when an end is asked for and
seed replies
blood and bone only and always

it is the silent resilience in a web,
a nest and a weapon at once
to tell the story of space woven millions of ways
so many times

It is the most efficient form falling
from gods of entropy, caught in life as synchronicity
honeycomb and echolocation
Nature is not having it in you and it happening anyway

The ancient, eternal swirl of yin and yang.
where roots are yang, while blooms are yin
yet leaves are both
yin against roots and yang against blooms

your favorite voice
a stream of light 
that everything has a version of itself as a reflection on water

it is how the eternal elemental system never is a system
and the ongoing visible secret of fire
that as many ways as it can burn, is as many ways as it will.



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